Honoring Our Service Award Recipients photo

Honoring Our Service Award Recipients

Every year we pause to recognize and celebrate the dedicated men and women who make significant contributions to our hospital and our community. This year we gathered to enjoy a great meal at Poco Playa in Matagorda, and to honor:

5 Years of Service:

Michele Rodriguez, Garrett Dodd, Leslie Vaughn, Dulce Aguilera, Lee Ann Hacker, Sharon Burnham, Mira Bautista, Donna Friend, Diane Wulf, Linda Beeson, Julia Trevino, Davine Howell, and Nancy Johnson.

10 Years of Service:

Peggy Nemes, Shital Shah, Belma Cruz, Jeneta Layman, Delia Jaramillo, Peggy Rodriguez, Beverly Trombatore, Harold Wuthrich, Catherine Morales, and Susan Burton.

15 years of Service:

Mary Ann Mitchell, Lori Thomas, and Alex Gonzalez.

20 Years of Service:

Charita Preston, Juanita (Janie) Flores, Tiffany Foltyn, Fran Beers, and Erlynn Bankston.

25 Years of Service:

Grace Cantu, Angie Vega, and Donna Burns.

30 Years of Service:

Mary Ann Cervantes, Helen Medina, Jonathan Carter.

35 Years of Service:

Kay Bronkema.


Charles Svec (21 Years of Service).

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