Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Information

This page has been created to host all of the public information disclosures and relevant updates relating to COVID-19 from the Matagorda County Hospital District.


The table below shows the status of all known positive COVID-19 cases in Matagorda County as reported by MCHD, other health organizations, and local independent physicians. This table is updated by 1:00pm daily.

39) 4/4/20 F 20-25 HOM UKN
38) 4/4/20 F 30-35 HOM UKN
37) 4/4/20 F 75-80 HSP NO
36) 4/3/20 F 55-65 HOM NO
35) 4/2/20 F 60-70 HOM NO
34) 4/2/20 F 55-65 HOM NO
33) 4/2/20 F 30-40 HOM YES
32) 4/1/20 F 45-50 HOM NO
31) 4/1/20 F 25-30 HOM NO
30) 4/1/20 F 40-45 HOM NO
29) 4/1/20 M 80-85 HSP NO
28) 4/1/20 M 60-65 HOM NO
27) 3/31/20 M 25-35 HOM NO
26) 3/31/20 M 25-35 HOM NO
25) 3/31/20 M 65-75 HOM NO
24) 3/31/20 M 85-95 HOM NO
23) 3/31/20 M 25-35 HOM NO
22) 3/31/20 F 45-55 HOM NO
21) 3/30/20 M 50-55 HOM NO
20) 3/30/20 M 70-75 DEC NO
19) 3/30/20 F 60-65 HOM NO
18) 3/30/20 F 30-35 HOM NO
17) 3/29/20 F 30-35 HOM NO
16) 3/29/20 F 60-65 HOM NO
15) 3/29/20 M 40-45 HOM NO
14) 3/29/20 M 45-55 HOM NO
13) 3/29/20 F 30-35 HOM NO
12) 3/28/20 M 45-50 HOM NO
11) 3/28/20 F 20-25 HOM NO
10) 3/27/20 M 65-75 HSP NO
9) 3/25/20 F 40-50 HOM NO
8) 3/24/20 F 50-60 HOM YES
7) 3/24/20 F 85-95 HSP NO
6) 3/24/20 M 45-55 HOM YES
5) 3/24/20 M 18-25 HOM YES
4) 3/21/20 F 75-85 HOM NO
3) 3/17/20 F 50-55 HOM YES
2) 3/16/20 M 90-100 DEC NO
1) 3/14/20 F 55-65 HOM NO

(A) Date of public disclosure, generally within 2 to 24 hours of positive test confirmation
(B) Reported gender: Male (M), Female (F), Unknown (UKN)
(C) Age range
(D) Last known status: Home (HOM), Hospital (HSP), Deceased (DEC), Unknown (UKN), Recovered (REC)
(E) Travel reported outside of the State of Texas: YES, NO, Unknown (UKN)

Patient and case-specific information disclosed in this table represents the extent to which any MCHD official can appropriately respond. Additional information, if available, may be requested from the Texas Department of State Health Services, which serves as Matagorda County’s Health Department.

If you are seeking care for COVID-19

Anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, primarily fever, cough, and shortness of breath, and who is otherwise healthy and not experiencing a medical emergency, should:

1. Call their healthcare provider before seeking care. Calling ahead allows your healthcare provider to screen you for symptoms quickly and safely over the phone. If your healthcare provider of choice is Matagorda Regional Medical Center, you can call the main line at (979) 245-6383 or contact the Emergency Room directly at (979) 241-3315.All persons experiencing a medical emergency should call 911 immediately and alert the operator about their suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

2. If your healthcare provider of choice is Matagorda Regional Medical Center, and the outcomes of the phone screen suggests your symptoms are of concern, you will be directed to the MRMC Emergency Room for an in-person assessment. A health professional will meet you outside and provide you with personal protective equipment (face mask, etc.) and then escort you into the building in a manner which ensures a safe transition for you, other patients, and our healthcare professionals.

3. Your medical provider may choose to order a respiratory panel or other lab tests to determine if other respiratory illnesses, such as the flu, are present.

4. Your medical provider will determine if you should be tested for COVID-19, and will use State-recommended criteria for making that determination. If you do not meet criteria, but can safely manage your symptoms at home, you will be given appropriate medical treatment and further instructions.

5. If your provider determines that you do need to be tested and can safely manage your symptoms at home, you will be tested for COVID-19 and sent home to self-quarantine. You will typically receive your result in 3 to 12 days depending on the priority assigned to your test by the lab. High risk patients, patients admitted to the hospital, and health workers who have been exposed are given the highest priority.

6. If your test result is negative, meaning you do not have COVID-19, you will be notified and provided with more health-related advice.

7. If your test result is positive, meaning you do have COVID-19, a State epidemiologist will contact you and begin an investigation to address multiple points of concern. This includes reaching out to your family, friends, and coworkers, along with other members of the community if appropriate.

March 30, 2020, 9:34am. Due to a growing case load, multiple testing sites, and the complexities of pending epidemiological investigations, negative and pending COVID-19 test information will no longer be reported daily on this website. All positive case information is listed in the table above. Periodic updates on negative and pending test counts will be provided through hospital and county official public releases when available.

March 30, 2020 at 8:27am. Due to a growing case load and the complexities of pending epidemiological investigations, the COVID-19 data presented on this page will be updated by 1:00pm daily.

On March 28, 2020 at 7:19pm, the following COVID-19 positive patient demographic was removed from the table above after the information was reported in both Matagorda and Wharton counties. After further investigation, it was determined that the following COVID-19 case should be counted and managed by Wharton County: 3/27/2020; F; 50-55; HOM; NO.

As of March 27, 2020, MCHD no longer issues press releases regarding individual positive COVID-19 cases. All known COVID-19 case information is listed in the table at the top of this page.

Effective March 27th at 7:00am, MRMC’s visitation policy will change again. No visitors will be allowed outside of labor coaches, pediatric caregivers, and those dealing with end-of-life situations. In those cases, only one visitor will be allowed for the safety of our patients, visitors, and staff. Visitors must be 18+ and will be screened at the door for symptoms related to COVID-19.

This is a courtesy notice to all Matagorda County residents. As of March 10, 2020, at 11:00am, we are expecting the results of over 40 COVID-19 tests to be returned to our health professionals throughout the County over the next several days. As more residents meet State criteria for testing, the results are taking longer to be verified. At this time, some results are taking up to 12 days to be verified and reported. It is important to note that a delay in test results does not change the outcome. All patients meeting State requirements for testing are directed to self-quarantine at home immediately regardless of when the test result is expected.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform our citizens that the high number of pending test results may soon give the appearance of an unexpected “spike,” or an unexplainable increase in positive cases. This is not true. When we have a large number of tests pending results, we fully expect and are prepared to deal with a large number of both positive and negative test results.

Effective immediately, MRMC’s Weekend Urgent Care will temporarily close in order to increase Emergency Room capabilities.

Eight temporary changes for Matagorda Regional Medical Center

Matagorda County Hospital District Statement on the term “Presumptive” in the statement “Presumptive Positive Coronavirus (COVID-19) Case.”