Health & Wellness

Effective July 1, 2020: The MRMC Wellness Center is closed due to an increase in COVID-19 activity in our community.

MRMC’s Wellness Center is the hub of physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices for Matagorda County residents. Our expert wellness associates welcome those enrolled in local employee wellness programs, patients whose physician has prescribed or recommended an exercise regimen, and those who are transitioning from a physical rehabilitation program. For more information, call us at (979) 241-5700.

Wellness Memberships Include:

• One-On-One Equipment Orientation: Covers safety, wellness facility etiquette, proper usage of equipment and more.
• Health Risk Assessment (HRA): Review health history and current health status, and record baseline measurements.
• Personalized strength and conditioning program with workout planning and goal development.
• Nutrition Consultation: Improve diet and eating habits.
• Thirty Day Check-In: Review progress and finalize your personal Health 360° plan.
• Access to group exercise classes (chair yoga, POP Pilates, Bootcamp, etc.) at no additional charge.

Beginning with an in-depth understanding of your current health status and establishing a clear path to your personal fitness and wellness goals, a qualified Health 360° consultant will help get you on the road to achieving or maintaining optimal health.

Health & Wellness programs are offered at the MRMC Wellness & Rehabilitation Center. The center is also known as “the dome.”

MRMC Wellness & Rehabilitation Center
135 Medical Center Drive
Bay City, TX  77414
Phone: (979) 241-5700
Fax: (979) 241-5720

Due to an increase in COVID-19 activity in our community, the MRMC Wellness Center is currently closed. Upon phased reopening, we expect our operating hours to be Monday through Friday as follows:

Status Times General Use Member Capacity Member Time Limit
Open 6:30a to 11:30a Open to all members 15 60 minutes
Closed 11:30a to 12:00p Deep cleaning of gym and equipment 0 0 minutes
Open 12:00p to 4:00p One-on-one personal training sessions only 15 Per scheduled time
Closed 4:00p to 4:30p Deep cleaning of gym and equipment 0 0 minutes
Open 4:30p to 6:30p Open to all members 15 60 minutes

In addition to the reduced hours and limited access outlined above, members should expect the following:

Gym Usage

  1. Mask will be required during the use of all equipment.
  2. Members are asked to practice social distancing at all times.
  3. 15 members will be allowed at a time with a limit of 60 minute workouts, members can call ahead to check availability.
  4. All group exercises classes are cancelled until further notice.


  1. Cleaning stations have been setup with Hospital-grade cleaners.
  2. Staff members will close operations to perform a deep clean at 6:00am, 11:30am, and 6:30pm.

All members have access to the workout equipment and walking track during posted business hours. General access is included with the monthly membership fee.

Our certified personal trainers are here to motivate, educate, and provide individualized instruction that will help you achieve optimal results. All of our personal trainers are certified and have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to supplement. This has further prepared them to be more effective in helping you reach your personal fitness and wellness goals through the teaching of safe, effective exercises and training techniques. In addition to personal training, we offer structural stretching, which is ideal for anyone seeking additional mobility and flexibility.

30-Minute Sessions
$25 per session*

60-Minute Sessions
$40 per session*

Bring a friend to your session
$10 additional charge

* Discounted prices available when purchasing multiple sessions. See your trainer for details on the latest specials.

This 90-minute Sports Performance Training is ideal for athletes of all ages looking for a customized, sport-specific workout plan that will enhance their overall performance. Whether you’re in off-season or mid-season, we will take you to the next level by designing innovative workouts that fit your individual needs and are based on the sport you are training for. We help athletes of all levels to excel by building strength and power while decreasing weaknesses and risk of injury.

Due to an increase in COVID-19 activity in our community, the MRMC Wellness Center is currently closed.

Bootcamp – 9:00am
Chair Yoga – 5:00pm

Chair Yoga – 7:00am
Chair Yoga – 8:00am
POP Pilates – 9:15am
Cycling – 11:00am

Bootcamp – 11:00am
Bootcamp – 2:00pm
POP Pilates – 4:30pm
Yoga – 5:30pm

Cycling – 11:00am

Bootcamp – 9:00am