MRMC’s New ICU Beds Reflects Power of Community Giving photo

MRMC’s New ICU Beds Reflects Power of Community Giving

Matagorda County residents are known as hard-working and independent people who take care of each other. We see evidence of the hard-working values and the independent mindset every time we walk out the door, but today, we’d like to draw your attention to (and celebrate!) the part where we take care of each other.

Over the past two years alone, more than 2,600 patient days have been logged in MRMC’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This increased volume brought a lot of wear and tear to our ICU beds, which are generally the largest and most expensive piece of non-robotic standard equipment in each room.

Modern, high-quality ICU beds are comfortable and make it easier for clinical teams to provide advanced care. These beds also support early patient mobility and offer increased safety functions with microclimate surfaces, nurse call and comfort controls, and sophisticated alert features. They also cost upwards of $35,000 each, and MRMC needed six of them.

We’re proud to announce that as of May 13th 2022, largely due to the generosity and support of our community and corporate partners, MRMC was able to purchase and install brand new Progressa ICU bed systems in all of our ICU rooms!

To all who have supported and continue to support these efforts through planned giving, sponsorships, and participation in our hospital and MRMC Foundation events, we simply cannot thank you enough. Your time, your effort, and your financial support is directly and materially reflected in these much-needed upgrades to a hospital department which serves some of our most vulnerable populations.

You have made this great day possible, and on behalf of all the critical care patients and their families who will benefit from your generosity for years to come, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The MRMC Foundation continues to accept donations toward this ICU initiative through December 31, 2022. Contact the Foundation at (979) 241-5534 for more information.

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