MRMC Service Awards Banquet 2019 photo

MRMC Service Awards Banquet 2019

Every year we lead in to National Hospital Week by recognizing and celebrating the dedicated men and women who make significant contributions to our hospital and our community. This year we gathered to honor:

5 Years of Service:

Adaline “Marie” Jackson, Mike Lee, Isa Sevenski, Ericka Ellis, Brian Deleza, Dorothy Thomas, Juan Palomares, Katherine Sewell, Silvia Mathis, Shelby Ross, Haley Chandler, and Randall Powers.

10 Years of Service:

Julia Vela, Linda Smith, Sandra Shirley, Louis Ambeaux, Maria Tapia, Veronica Arriaga, Richard (Rick) Garza, Susie Thompson, and Shelly Constancio.

15 years of Service:

Jennifer Sliva and Mindy Klock.

20 Years of Service:

Tina Slaughter, Susan Felix, and Roman Fernandez.

25 Years of Service:

David Yoxthiemer.

30 Years of Service:

Terri Cox.

35 Years of Service:

Renee Savage.


Ronnie Upchurch (29 years), Linda Smith (10 years), Patricia Gartica (39 years), and Virginia Garcia (28 years).

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