MRMC Nursing Team’s Pathway to Excellence Redesignation photo

MRMC Nursing Team’s Pathway to Excellence Redesignation

We’re excited to congratulate our amazing nursing staff on their redesignation as a Pathway to Excellence (PTE) organization by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The PTE designation is granted to hospitals that have created a work environment where nurses’ contributions are valued, professional development is supported, and nurses are integral to decision-making.

This redesignation is a major milestone for MRMC because PTE standards change every four years. These changes in evidence, policy, and culture are incorporated into the existing framework, allowing it to stay updated and relevant as MRMC nursing leadership seeks new ways to promote excellence in today’s dynamic nursing practice environment.

Importance of Pathway to Excellence

Improved Hospital Environment: PTE designation means the voices of nurses from all levels contribute to collaborative problem-solving. Other benefits include improved nursing-sensitive quality indicators, error and safety event reduction, and increased patient satisfaction across the health system. Engaged nurses are key to sustaining a culture of excellence.

Quality Nursing Practice: A positive nursing practice environment enhances staff engagement and unit effectiveness which leads to better patient experiences, satisfaction, safety, and outcomes. Pathway Standards assure leadership’s support for nurses, enabling them to lead at the bedside and achieve professional success.

Nurse Satisfaction: Achieving Pathway to Excellence secures MRMC’s status as a positive practice environment. Pathway Standards help improve nurse satisfaction and engagement. Pathway to Excellence promotes shared decision-making, accountable leadership, quality and safe care, professional development, and balanced lifestyles for nurses. These factors increase job satisfaction, reduce work stress, and prevent burnout.

Retention: Turnover is costly to any organization considering the direct and indirect costs. Even more detrimental is the impact turnover has on workforce morale and clinical quality outcomes. Preventing just one instance of nurse turnover makes the journey worthwhile.

Teamwork: Pathway-designated organizations enjoy higher levels of collegial relationships, collaboration, and mutual respect. Pathway Standards promote practice environments where nurses have a voice, work collaboratively with their colleagues, and everyone’s contribution is valued.

For more detailed technical information on PTE requirements, visit the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s requirements page here.

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