Cath Lab Technician (FT)

Full Time
Main Hospital Campus in Bay City, Texas
Posted 6 days ago


Responsible for scrubbing as a tech in the Cath Lab including patient preparation, recovery and line removal, diagnostic procedures. Requirements include education of patient and family, professional behavior, communicating relevant information to the appropriate health care team, the patient and the family. Must demonstrate critical thinking skills and techniques in the planning and provision of quality patient care. Demonstrate excellent communication, organizational and time management skills. Collaborate with physician to ensure expected outcomes for patient.  Serve as a resource for other licensed and unlicensed staff.  A CV tech will Inject contrast medium into blood vessels as instructed by physician, supervise and train other staff learning role, check, test and maintain cardiology equipment, adjust equipment or controls according to physicians’ orders or established protocols, explain process to patients in order to obtain cooperation and reduce anxiety, prepare patients and position for testing, attach electrodes to patients and prepare patients sterilely for procedures using sterile technique, responsible for maintaining the sterility of the patient and staff as well as scrub table during the procedure.


Current registered nurse license in the State of Texas, Current CPR, CST, RN, or RT(R) Licensure


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