Senior Care Behavioral & Mental Health Program

Senior Care is a mental health treatment program that provides inpatient diagnostic and treatment services for older adults 55 years of age or older. Through a combination of therapies and education, patients are supported in regaining as much independence as possible.

Program Structure

Senior Care can provide care for patients with acute psychosis, organic affective disorders, major depression and adjustment disorders of aging.

The program recognizes that each person has unique needs, which is why an individualized, tailored treatment plan is developed for each patient. Our treatment philosophy is based in treating the entire person — not only from a psychological and physical perspective, but emotionally as well. To challenge and stimulate each patient, Senior Care offers a broad variety of daily programs and activities including:

  • group counseling
  • individual counseling
  • therapeutic recreation activities
  • continued care planning
  • family therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • medication management
  • music therapy
  • physical therapy

Program Staff

A team of health care professionals provides cohesive, high-quality treatment to each patient admitted to the Senior Care program. Specifically trained to deal with the unique needs and concerns of older adults, the treatment team includes:

  • psychiatrists
  • hospitalists
  • primary care physicians
  • occupational therapists
  • physical therapists
  • activities therapists
  • social workers
  • registered nurses
  • pharmacists
  • speech therapists

Family Support

The patient’s family is considered an important part of the treatment team and is encouraged to participate in family conferences, discharge planning and scheduled family support groups. This ensures that the patient’s progress and accomplishments are maintained by the new living skills learned in the program.

Insurance Coverage

Hospital treatment services for patients who qualify for admission to the Senior Care Program services are covered by Medicare and most major insurance providers.

Admission & Rights

Admission will be offered only to those persons a licensed physician has determined require inpatient mental health treatment and who will be able to actively participate in treatment. For more information, call the Program Director, at 979-241-3452. If you need emergency assistance, call (979) 245-6383 and ask for the emergency room. Click here for the Patient Rights and Responsibilities page to learn about Senior Care rights.

Senior Care is a mental health program managed by Horizon Health.