WIC Clinical Director

Full Time
Off Campus in Matagorda County
Posted 7 months ago


To coordinate, supervise, and implement program activities and staff involved in the delivery of nutrition evaluation and education, supplementary foods, and all other services and information as mandated in WIC program regulations.



  • Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health, Healthcare or other related fields.
  • Credentialed as an RD by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and licensed by the State of Texas Board of Examiners for Dietitians as a LD.
  • Evidence of valid Texas Drivers License.
  • Evidence of proof of minimal liability limits as required by the State of Texas.
  • If frequent driver, employee will be required to show proof of current Defensive Driver’s course.
  • Employee must meet criteria for insurability with the hospital district’s auto insurance carrier.



  1. Supervises, monitors and evaluates services and clerical personnel of the local WIC agency.
  2. Performs within the prescribed chain of command and observed limitations for the District and department legal compliance program; Is responsible to detect, observe and report compliance variances to their immediate supervisor or upward through the chain of command, the Compliance Officer or District hotline.
  3. Investigates complaints and/or deficiencies; provide consultation and technical assistance and determine solution to the problem
  4. Assists in developing policies and procedures necessary to carry out program requirements.
  5. Monitor program operations to determine compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations
  6. Observes and directs program operation for efficiency, effectiveness and coordination with other programs.
  7. Evaluates clinical and dietary data regarding nutrition program according to WIC policy.
  8. Assists in developing policies and procedures necessary to carry out nutrition education and breastfeeding promotion requirements.
  9. Monitor nutrition education operations to determine compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  10. Provides individual counseling at certification appropriate to the client’s nutritional need.
  11. Provides high risk counseling for clients.
  12. Tailors food package to meet the client’s nutritional needs; communicates with physician when necessary to verify prescriptions for special formula/food packages.
  13. Ensures and coordinates nutrition education and breastfeeding classes at each site.
  14. Assists in monitoring expenditures to assure that they stay within budget and are appropriate.
  15. Initiates, monitors and coordinates correspondence with state agency concerning program services, operation and financial reimbursement.
  16. Responsible for establishing, developing and allocating program needs, goals and objectives.
  17. Responsible for Quality Assurance. Audits all aspects of program records including client certification, nutrition education, voucher issuance and inventory, client termination, client participation, program reimbursement, etc.
  18. Responsible for Nutrition Education. Develops annual nutrition education plan for submission to Texas State Department of Health Services; develop, monitor and supervise content of nutrition lessons; supervise nutritionist and staff in presentation of nutrition education classes.
  19. Supervises staff through direction, assessment and reinforcement; assists staff in providing services to clients.
  20. Responsible for training staff. Directly trains new employees, understanding duties of nutritionist, other CA and clerical staff; prepare and present employee in-service training on program operation, including new procedures and changes in federal and state regulations and other job related topics at the discretion of the Director.
  21. Responsible for mandated program outreach; organizes educational presentations to community groups.
  22. Assure availability, price and compliance with WIC regulations of foods in community by monitoring authorized vendors.
  23. Adheres to organization and unit specific Customer Service Standards.
  24. Performs the duties of the WIC Certification Specialist (WCS) Preceptor including training and on-going training.
  25. Other duties as assigned by clinics supervisor/ director.


  1. Basic computer knowledge.
  2. Basic laboratory specimen collection
  3. Knowledge of nursing science, principles, techniques, and procedures for the care of patients.
  4. Knowledge of healthcare terminology, anatomy, physiology and concepts of disease.
  5. Knowledge and ability to utilize evidence based practice to develop the plan of care and interventions.
  6. Knowledge of the WIC environment and how the services and functions interact.
  7. Knowledge of nursing theorists and ability to provide theory based care for patients.
  8. Skill in providing effective and compassionate nursing care, assessing patient situations and taking effective courses of action.
  9. Knowledge of Texas culture.
  10. Skill in assessing and prioritizing multiple requests by patients, families, and team members.
  11. Skill in providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  12. Skill in operating a personal computer utilizing a variety of software applications.
  13. Operates general laboratory equipment, including but not limited to: telephones, computer keyboards and CRT, waived testing analyzers and manual pipettes
  14. Good manual dexterity to ensure the safe use of technical equipment and reduce the possibility of self-inflicted injury.
  15. Proficient at evaluating and correcting minor equipment malfunctions.
  16. Must be familiar with the use of vendor “hot line” for equipment troubleshooting.
  17. Ability to monitor supply/inventory levels and re-order as needed; receive, restock and store supplies according to their storage requirements.


  1. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.
  2. Additional languages preferred.



  1. For physical demands of position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment, see following description.
  2. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising client care.