Our hours of operation for outpatient testing are from 7:00am to 5:00pm. After hours please present to the ER registration located at the back of the hospital for any outpatient testing or admission. Our ER registrations are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Pre-Certification Information: Many scheduled or non- scheduled outpatient/ surgical procedures require pre-certification. Our Insurance verification personnel will contact your insurance company to obtain benefits. As a courtesy for all our patients we will contact your physician’s office should notification or pre-certification be required per your benefit plans to avoid having your claim denied or your benefits reduced.

If you have any questions regarding the precertification process or any financial questions, please call our insurance verification/ financial counselors at (979) 241-3634 or (979)-241-3330.

What To Expect

Our outpatient and Admission registration is located in the front lobby of the hospital. You will be greeted by our auxiliary personnel to identify if you have a schedule appointment or a non-scheduled visit. Our patients will be directed to an Admissions Representative for the registration process. In some occasions, you may encounter a waiting period; which you will be provided with a guess pager by our auxiliary; which will be activated once the next representative is available.

You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, and type of insurance, photo ID and other pertinent information.

After the registration process has been completed the representative will place an arm band on your wrist for patient identifier purposes; then you will be directed to the designated department for testing. If you are admitted into our facility you will be assigned a room and escorted to it.

What You Will Need To Bring To Register

In our outpatient/Admission area, whether your visit to our facility is for a scheduled or non- scheduled procedure please bring the physicians order for any outpatient testing or Admission request with you.

Should you be admitted to our facility for your comfort during your stay you should bring a robe, slippers with non-skid soles, toothbrush, tooth-paste and comb/brush. Clothes to wear when you are discharged can be brought after you are admitted.

We request your photo ID and insurance cards for each visit for security reasons. Our hospital is now using a new electronic scanning device to capture information related to your hospital account. This information includes your photo identification. Scanning your picture helps to ensure that we have selected the correct patient medical record; which contains your medical history. It also protects you from others who may wish to steal your medical identification.