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MRMC Foundation

Welcome to the Matagorda Regional Medical Center Foundation home page. We invite you to look around at the many activities we are a part of, on behalf of Matagorda Regional Medical Center.

This foundation was set up as an additional fundraising arm for Matagorda Regional Medical Center.

Our mission: To build community relationships and obtain funding to support Matagorda Regional Medical Center in delivering quality and compassionate healthcare.

The Matagorda Regional Medical Center Foundation was established in 2004 as a separate, not-for-profit organization created to serve the hospital. Contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible.

The Matagorda Regional Medical Center does receive local tax support; however, the cost to run a hospital that strives to stay ahead in technology and service is far greater than the support it receives in tax. And, income from insurance programs falls short of covering the full cost of providing patient care. Matagorda Regional Medical Center annually provides a significant number of dollars in medical care to individuals who have no ability to pay.

The organization kicked off their fundraising campaign in late 2007 and since then, we have raised well over 1 million dollars with the support of our community. To date, the MRMC Foundation has contributed $700,000 to the hospital to purchase:

  • Datascope Patient Monitoring System for PACU Unit
  • Integrated Operating Room System with OR Lights
  • New beds for all patient rooms
  • Endoscopy Suite equipment
  • Glidescope and Portable Vascular Testing System
  • Women’s Center Monitoring Equipment
  • Mammotome Breast Biopsy System with System Software Upgrades and Work Stations
  • Prodigy Pro Bone Densitometer
  • Golf Cart for the MRMC campus
  • Software and Licenses

Your gifts help provide a higher level of care at Matagorda Regional Medical Center. It is our vision to be:

Leaders in funding programs, resources, and equipment at the Matagorda Regional Medical Center to enhance the quality of care for patients.

2014 Employee Campaign – Largest Campaign YET!

Thank you to the MRMC Employees for pledging over $40,000 dollars to the Matagorda Regional Medical Center Foundation for 2014! We care that you care!

David M. Titus, President

Samantha Hudgins, Vice President

Garrett Dodd

Jeff Atkins

Marla Cortez

Angela Cunningham

Terry Farrar

Judy Frahm

Elizabeth Hewitt

Betsy Ryan

Tami Savage

Annette Stonedale

Steve Smith, Ex-Officio

Ann K. Saha, Ex-Officio

Tiffany Foltyn, Executive Director


To build community relationships and obtain funding to support Matagorda Regional Medical Center in delivering quality and compassionate healthcare.


We will be leaders in funding programs, resources, and equipment at the Matagorda Regional Medical Center to enhance the quality of care for patients.


Service, Stewardship, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Community Advocate


The Matagorda Regional Medical Center Foundation is pleased to introduce for the first time ever in 2015 the Jan Johnson, RN and Carolyn Salazar, RN Scholarship for individuals interested in becoming a nurse. Jan & Carolyn have a combined 70+ years in nursing experience. Jan retired as the Chief Nursing Officer of Matagorda General Hospital in 2002  and Carolyn has served in many leadership roles and currently serves at the Medical/Surgical Unit Nurse Manager at Matagorda Regional Medical Center. Both of these ladies were key Board Members of the MRMC Foundation in the formative years and Ms. Johnson still serves as an Ex officio member.


Pictures L to R: Carolyn Salazar, RN, Christy Foor, Harlee Oros, Jan Johnson, RN


Founding Board Members Say Goodbye


In December 2013, the MRMC Foundation said goodbye to outgoing board members Bob Watts, Jan Johnson, Carolyn Salazar, and Jeanne Pappas. Picture above are (left to right) Bob Watts, Jan Johnson, Carolyn Salazar, and Executive Director, Tiffany Foltyn. Not pictured, Jeanne Pappas.

These four (founding) board members have served on the board for their maximum 6 consecutive year limit. Their hard work on behalf of the Foundation is appreciated. Jan Johnson will serve in 2014 as an Ex-Officio member for the MRMC Foundation. We wish them all well into the future!

Mammography Software Upgrade – Trull Foundation Awards $20,000 Grant

In October 2013, the MRMC Foundation, along with a $20,000 Grant from the Trull Foundation, committed a total of $52,000 towards the enhancement of breast imaging and diagnostic services at MRMC. This was necessary as MRMC has partnered with Baylor Radiology to enhance the overall radiology service at MRMC by bringing fellowship-trained radiologists to the hospital.

They offer sub specialty reading on MRI’s, CT’s, and X-Rays. Each radiologist is Mammogram Quality Standard Act (MRQA) certified to read mammograms on our patients. These local radiologists are also backed by the Breast Radiologist at Baylor. “We appreciate the continued support of our Foundation and the Trull Foundation in helping to provide cutting edge technology in our Imaging Department and the Women’s Health Center at the new Doman Freeman Phillips Medical Office Building,” stated Renee Savage, RN, Director of Ancillary Services.

New Office Space in Bay City

The foundation currently remodeled a new space to office out of downtown Bay City thanks to a grant for $50,000 from the Rural Health Facility Capital Improvement Loan Fund Program offered through the Texas Department of Agriculture Office of Rural Affairs. The new location increases exposure in the community and helps allow for additional space to conduct business in the best interest of the foundation and of the Matagorda Regional Medical Center.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Open House December 3, 2012!

Prodigy Pro Bone Densitometer System


The MRMC Foundation’s recent proceeds from the Second Annual Power of the Purse, held on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, went to the purchase of a GE Bone Densitometry Prodigy Pro System. The Prodigy provides efficient, proven body composition analysis, including bone mineral density (BMD) and lean and fat tissue mass. This system is located in the Imaging Center at the Doman Freeman Phillips Medical Office Building on the MRMC Campus.

Spring 2013 Report

In 2012, we kicked off our first ever Power of the Purse fundraiser and it was a hit! We had the event at the beautiful Town Square restaurant where over 150 ladies joined the party for refreshments and shopping. Available, were new and used purses that had been donated to the event. The gently used items were all tagged with prices while the new purses were auctioned off via silent and live auction sales. We raised $8,500 towards the purchase of a new, less invasive, Digital Mammography Diagnostic System. This new event will focus on Women’s initiatives with the 2nd Annual Power of the Purse dedicated to raising funds to purchase new, advanced equipment for bone density detection – this will be held May 7, 2013 at the Bay City Country Club.

In November, we welcomed special guests Walt and Tina Wilkins who performed for our guests at the 2nd Live Music and Fine Dining Series. Proceeds from that event totaled $12,000!

And finally, in 2012, we also saw a strategic goal met with the addition of a new location for our Foundation office located at 1833 7th Street in Bay City. This new office space was made possible through a grant obtained from the Texas State Office of Rural Health. We invite you to stop by our office anytime for a visit!

Please check out our newsletter with more information in there as well!

Digital Mammography Equipment Arrives at MRMC


MRMC now offers a less invasive, highly accurate breast biopsy system. This system, known as The Mammotome Breast Biopsy System was purchased with direct contributions from Matagorda Regional Medical Center Foundation from proceeds made at the POWER of the Purse fundraiser held in May, a grant from the Trull Foundation, a donation from the Matagorda Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, and community contributions from John & Betty Sira and the Bay City Junior Service League.

Spring 2012 Report

The Matagorda Regional Medical Center Foundation held our Second Annual Golf Tournament in August 2011 and welcomed the Shake Russell Band to Bay City in November 2011 where the band performed at the country club for guests at our First Annual Live Music and Dinner Series. Also our 2012 Employee Giving Campaign was a huge success – they donated over $27,000 for 2012 – and we launched our First Annual POWER of the Purse fundraiser raising $8500 towards the purchase of a new, less invasive breast biopsy system for Matagorda Regional Medical Center.

In the midst of these events, the Foundation Board of Directors has been working diligently on a three year Strategic Plan for the organization to move it forward and expound upon its mission and vision. This plan included welcoming three new board members, David Titus, Marla Cortez, and Angela Cunningham which joined the Foundation in January 2012. It also included the development of effective committees to guide us to success. These committees offer a hard working talented group of volunteers from around our county and we are excited about the energy they bring to our organization!

The Foundation is committed to raising and receiving funds to strengthen the mission of Matagorda Regional Medical Center. We proudly support your county hospital and continue to seek ways to bring and/or keep the healthcare services we need, right here at home, now and into the future.

Spring 2011 Report

From the new Palm trees that line STP Drive along the entry way of the hospital to our quaint Healing Garden surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers, to the talented photography displayed on the walls, community leaders have stepped up to collaborate with the foundation to provide beauty to our campus.

In addition, with some of the money we have raised, we were able to purchase bedroom suites for the Women’s Center, new and sophisticated ICU beds, new Radiology equipment, a complete Endoscopy Suite, a GlidaScope for the Emergency Department and Surgical Services Department to help with intubations, and a Revo-Link machine to help with screenings for carotid arteries and blood clots.

The MRMC Foundation exists to keep the Matagorda Regional Medical Center advanced in the healthcare that is offered here. We believe that a strong medical center with a multitude of services and specialties will make our community stronger. We envision a medical center that will grow as the needs of the community change. We envision a medical center that will be a leader in rural healthcare for our region!

The Employee Emergency Fund Program is designed to provide limited financial assistance to eligible employees who are experiencing economic hardship due to certain emergency situations.

Click here to view full description and program application form

Upcoming events

August 9, 2014 – Golf Tournament